Top 10 Quiet Fridges

It’s enough to drive you crazy if you’re already feeling a bit on the sensitive side thanks to a headache or just a desperate need for peace and quiet. A noisy fridge may just seem annoying at first but the more that humming and vibration persists the more irritating it becomes until it seems to have amplified everything out of proportion and you’re almost ready to unplug the darned fridge and throw it out the window.

If you suffer from ‘noisy fridge syndrome’ then you’ll be glad you’ve found this post because on it we’ve researched and found  what we believe are 10 of the quietest fridges out there. All received a top 5/5 score by Which for the noise and vibration category.

But first, why are certain fridges noisy in the first place?

Possible reasons your fridge is noisy

The compressor (i.e., motor) makes a noise while it circulates the gas necessary to keep the fridge cool. This runs for more than half the time that the fridge is switched on. Newer, and more expensive, fridges contain linear compressors which operate in the same manner as a dimmer switch ie they only use as much power as is necessary which means the fridge runs at a quieter level.

Some frost-free fridge freezers can make a whirring noise which is the result of a build-up of ice around a fan and means the fridge isn’t cooling properly so should be looked at.

Certainly though, one of the first things you should try if your fridge noise levels are at a higher decibel than you’d like, is to defrost it and see if that makes a difference. If not, if may be time to call in a fridge repair man or buy a new one depending on your current financial position.

Our top 10 quiet fridges:

  • Beko CHILL53W. Costs around £130.
  • Liebherr T1404. Costs from £230.
  • Hotpoint RLA36P. Retails from £190.
  • Beko TLD673APS. Costs around £280.
  • AEG S71700TSW0. Retails from £270.
  • Siemens KU15RA51GB. Costs from £380.
  • Smeg FAB10RR. Retails from £650.
  • Neff K5604X7GB. Costs from £420
  • Miele K12820SD. Retails around £720.
  • John Lewis JLUCLFS6007. Retails at £320.
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