The Top 10 Largest Capacity Microwaves

When it comes to big families, a large capacity microwave oven is a must – especially if you cook a lot of money-saving casseroles. But special occasions also require plenty of cooking space. After all, how many of us have spent Christmas Day regularly checking our ovens to see how that turkey for 10 guests is getting on?

Fear not if you’re worried you won’t find a microwave big enough to cook large or bulk items all at once. In the following list there are plenty ofextra-large’ microwaves to whet your appetite.

  • Samsung MC455TBRCSR Combination Microwave. The largest microwave oven on the UK market at present, the Samsung microwave is powerful in the extreme with a 45 litre capacity and microwave power of an astoundingly high 1550 W. There’s six auto programmes including bread and yoghurt making choices. Costs around £300.
  • Sharp R959SLM Combination Microwave. This Sharp model has a very impressive 40 litre capacity with a turntable measuring 360mm in diameter. It has eight auto programmes and a grill for a crispy finish. Microwave power of 900 W. Costs around £250.
  • Panasonic NN-CF873SBPQ Combination Microwave. There’s more power in this microwave at 1000 W. The oven capacity is 32 litres and it comes with a quartz grill. Includes an accessories shelf. Costs around £430.
  • Whirlpool JT 366/SL Microwave with Grill. With a capacity of 31 litres and a microwave power of 1000 W, the Whirpool microwave and grill also has a quartz grill and steam technology. Has eight cooking levels. Costs around £260.
  • Kenwood K30GSS13 Microwave with Grill. One of the least expensive large capacity ovens, the Kenwood can take up to 30 litres and has a microwave power of 900 W. There’s also nine auto-cook functions and a grill. Very good at browning. A snip at around £100.
  • Russell Hobbs RHM3003B Microwave. With a 30 litre capacity and a microwave power of 900 W, this oven has five different power levels and is stylishly set in black with a mirrored door. Costs around £140.
  • Daewoo KOC9Q3T 28 L Freestanding Combination Microwave. A 28 litre capacity oven with 10 power levels and 900 W microwave power, this oven has a steam cleaning function and a child safety lock. Costs around £90.
  • Electrolux EMS30400OX Free-Standing Microwave. Has a capacity of 27.5 litres, just nudging ahead of its 27 litre competitors. Microwave power is 900 W. A good looking appliance in stainless and glass. Costs around £180.
  • Panasonic NN-CF778-SBPQ 27L Combi Microwave. Another 27 litre model, this Panasonic oven has a drop down door for easy access as well as no turntable. Boasts 16 different programmes. Microwave power of 1000 W. Costs around £300.
  • Panasonic NN-CT579S 27L Slimline Combination Microwave. Again, with power of 1000 W and a 27 litre capacity, this microwave has 13 programmes with a grill and a child safety lock. Costs around £220.

Due to their popularity new microwave ovens with even bigger capacity are coming out all the time. And to that end, we’re sure this time next year there’ll be another well-known brand name topping our list.