The Most Reliable Washer Dryers

When it comes to the day-to-day functioning of the bigger white goods in your kitchen, your washer dryer is unfortunately the item most likely to stop working, burst a leak or become blocked.

Why is that, we wonder? One of the reasons, we reckon, is because we use our washer dryers so much – machines in a large family home can often be on daily or even both morning and night. So, when you think of the amount of pummeling they’re getting, it’s no wonder our washer dryers start to flag out faster than other white goods.

However, it’s precisely because they’re used so much that it can quite frankly be pandemonium when they go wrong. It’s important therefore when you’re buying a new machine to get one you feel confident won’t do a wobbly on you the night before the weekly washing of the school uniforms. And that’s why we’ve compiled the following list:

Top washer dryers for reliability

  1. Miele WT2780. A quiet machine with an impressive energy efficiency performance, this Miele also boasts excellent cleaning and a drying cycle which won’t shrink clothes. On the negative side it is costly, retailing at more than £1200.
  2. Bosch WVH28421 GB. Great cleaning, energy efficiency and a good looking machine (as you’d expect from Bosch). What wasn’t so impressive was the large water usage. It’s not cheap either, coming in at just under £800.
  3. Zanussi ZKG7165. Easy to use, gets clothes very clean and, like the Bosch, a good-looking machine to sit in your kitchen. Very good price-wise but can be a bit noisy. Expect to pay around £400.
  4. AEG L75480WD. This machine has an impressive cleaning performance and, like the Zanussi above, is very easy to use. It does use up quite a bit of energy though and goes through at quite a rate too. Retails around £600.
  5. Siemens WD14H520GB. Very energy efficient and extremely quiet, also cleans very well. Quite expensive and uses a lot of water. Retails at more than £900.
  6. Samsung WD8704RJD. This machine can dry clothes just as well as it washes them and boats plenty of wash programmes. It can take a while to dry though. Costs around £450.
  7. Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S. Can handle big loads and has a powerful spin cycle, also very quite. Like the Samsung though, can take a while to get through a cycle. Retails for around £600.
  8. Indesit IWDC6125. An entry level machine that works well considering its low price. The quick wash only takes a very small load. Prices start from £300.

On the whole, the worst problem householders report regarding their washer dryer is with the machine wobbling. Another big bugbear is blocked filters while on a more serious note water leaks and blockages are also a concern.

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