Where to Find Rangemaster Serial Numbers on Appliances

Are you looking for the serial number on your Rangemaster appliance?

Serial numbers are placed on rating plates on every appliance so that if you are in need of repairs or replacement parts, your engineer knows what model you have and can ensure they have the correct tools and parts to carry out the repairs needed.

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Where to find your Rangemaster serial number:

Here is some general information on where to find the model and serial number on your Rangemaster appliance:


You can find the silver date plate in three locations on your Rangemaster cooker.

– Front cover of user & installation guide
– Back of the cooker
– Front of the cooker


Look underneath the hob – viewable by removing the kitchen unit drawer directly below (if applicable) or on the top edge.

Fridges and Freezers

Look on the inside walls or near the salad crisper to find the rating plate with your serial number information on your Rangemaster fridge or freezer.


Look behind the door or on the kick strip. If you can’t find your serial number there, it may be on the face of the oven once you open the door.

Washing machines and dryers

The serial number for your Rangemaster washing machine and dryer will be behind the door, or check the back, sides and kick plate of the machine.