If your Philips product is <strong>no longer under </strong><b>warranty</b>, it is time you thought about extending your warranty

Philips Warranty Information

About Philips Warranties

Your Philips warranty will vary depending on the type of product you have:

Household products: 24 months

Monitors, Phones, Projectors, Audio-, Video-, Fax-,Dictation product and Automotive Mobility accessories: 12 months

LCD Monitor & TV: 24 months

For more information on warranty lengths and exclusions in the UK, see this page.

You can register your Philips product here for more support with your purchase

Have a fault with your Philips product? You can start by checking a few troubleshooting tips and the user manual yourself first to see if it’s perhaps something as small as an incorrect setting. All manuals and faqs on Philips products can be found from this page.  You can also visit one of their forums or ask your question via twitter.

Alternatively contact Philips to arrange a repair if it is still under warranty. 

Why extend a Philips Warranty?

You need to think about arranging for an extended warranty before your original guarantee expires. This ensures your expensive electronic goods enjoy continuous protection against unexpected problems.

It is easy and affordable to extend your products for up to 6 (for domestic appliances) or 7 (for audio-visual equipment and TVs) additional years with us, just as long as they don’t have preexisting faults. You can also opt to cover more than one appliance or gadget on the same policy for a fixed price from £12.49 a month.

About Philips

According to Philips, the company is “a diversified technology company from the Netherlands, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting”.

(Research & information correct as of May 2019)