We Uncover Ikea Delivery Charges & Process for You

Who doesn’t love at least one Ikea product? The range of products is incredible and they’re inventive and good looking to boot.  However not everyone relishes the thought of a trip when the stores are so busy, so there was some delight when the company announced a unique Ikea delivery service.

There have been some complaints recently, however, over the franchise’s delivery costs, which some claim are unexpectedly high. So we’re going to take a look at Ikea’s delivery process and the costs of its delivery options.

Ikea delivery services

Ikea offers 3 delivery options:

  • In-store delivery

If you’re lucky you can get same-day delivery, but next-day delivery may be more realistic as your order is delivered to a store in to closest to your delivery area. Individual stores have slightly different delivery services, so check with the branches concerned.

  • Parcel delivery

Parcel delivery is an online delivery option that caters to items up to 25kg. You can have several items delivered at once, provided the total weight doesn’t exceed 100kg. Note: Some products may weigh less then 25kg but aren’t suitable for parcel delivery, like mirrors or items longer than 1.5m, and they will be delivered by truck.

Ikea uses Parcelforce to handle parcel deliveries. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to be home when items are delivered, at least the first time. You can rearrange delivery so that the time suits you.

Parcel delivery costs £7.50.

  • Truck delivery

Truck delivery caters to items over 25kg and more than 1.5m long. Parcelforce also handles truck deliveries and will deliver items during the week – Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. Certain days are reserved for certain areas, so delivery depends on where you live.

Truck delivery costs start at £35; exact costs depend on the area in which you live (postcode).

Ikea delivery process

Ikea will email a delivery notification within 72 hours of the order. This is the best time to change the delivery date if necessary. Expect delivery within 14 days, except if you have a made-to-order product, in which case delivery may take longer.

According to Ikea, it’s your responsibility to inform the company of any delivery restrictions in your area; for example, height, width and weight restrictions for vehicles, parking restrictions, and time restrictions. You’re responsible for ensuring items fit through doorways, passages and up staircases. Note: Delivery staff are not allowed to remove doors or windows to allow access and don’t assemble items.

If you are expecting a parcel delivery, you can follow its progress by checking in with Idea’s order tracking service. The tracking number is added 24 – 48 hours prior to delivery.

Truck delivery specifics

Ikea will send a text notification 48 hours prior to delivery with an estimated 60-minute delivery window. One hour before delivery, the team will call you to make sure you’re available to receive the order and double check any restrictions.

Ikea’s delivery network covers England, Scotland and Wales, but doesn’t extend to all outlying areas. Use the store’s Postcode Checker to see if your area is included. If you need to ship your items abroad, you will have to find a shipping agent to which Ikea will then deliver.

Ikea delivery cancellations

If you’re going to cancel your order, do so as soon as possible. Once the order is in the delivery channel, the process is difficult to stop. Note: You can’t cancel made-to-order products, for obvious reasons.

You receive a full refund for the product price when you cancel your order. You can also get a refund for the full delivery fee. However, in some instances you may be charged a return fee, which will be the same as the delivery fee.

(prices correct as of 19 July 2016)