Where to Find Hoover Serial Numbers on Appliances

Appliance serial numbers are needed when you require support services from the manufacturer of your appliance. For example, if your oven or fridge suddenly stops working, you’ll need to supply your engineer with the appliance serial number so they can ensure they have the correct tools and spare parts for a proper repair.

Depending on the brand and type of appliance you have, you’ll locate your serial number in different places. Find out where to find the serial number on your other brand appliances here. Here is some general information on where to find Hoover model and serial numbers.

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To access the rating plate on a Hoover appliance, always open the door of the product, then follow the instructions below.

The model number is 8 digits long (beginning with a 3) and the serial number is 16 digits long.

Hoover Dishwasher Serial NUmber

To find the serial number for your Hoover dishwasher, look on the inner top or side section for the Hoover dishwasher model and serial number.

Washing machine

Look on the top of the porthole.

Fridge freezer

Look on the bottom left-hand side of the fridge compartment, behind the salad crisper drawer (if fitted).

Range cooker

Look on the door edge for the Hoover cooker model and serial number.

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