AEG Warranty Information

Typical length of AEG warranties

AEG normally provides a two year warranty for parts and labour. If you’ve purchased an AEG appliance, you should visit their product registration page here to register your manufacturers warranty period with them.

Some selected models of freestanding electrical equipment (including particular models of dishwashers and washing machines) are eligible for a five years parts and labour guarantee.

Validating AEG warranties

It’s important to note that while the AEG warranty registration process allows you to submit a warranty period of up to 5 years, your entitlement to that period is only validated once you have a problem with your machine and call them.

Extending my warranty

Where do we come in? Well, you can cover your AEG machine with one of our single appliance insurance policies for peace of mind after the AEG warranty ends, or use one of our multi-appliance policies cover to many of your home appliances with extended insurance – in one go – from just £12.49 a month.

Please note that appliances should not have pre-existing faults and need to be younger than 8 years old at the start of the policy.

Before using my warranty

AEG also provide a fairly basic trouble shooting system on their website. You can use this fix problems, and download the manual for your appliance. You can always check the recommended maintenance steps and the trouble shooting sections.

The AEG appliance trouble shooting tool can be found here. The User Manual download section is here.

About AEG

AEG is a former German manufacturing company, founded in 1883. In 2005, Electrolux  bought the brand, after it went through a succession of owners. Since then ownership has been stable.

(Research & information correct at February 2014)