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Help – Washer Dryer Keeps Tripping Electrics

Help – Washer Dryer Keeps Tripping Electrics

If your washer dryer keeps tripping the electrics, turn the power off immediately.  Not only could the tripping damage the washer dryer, but it could also disrupt the overall power supply at your home and become a fire hazard.

Here is a list of common causes for your washer dryer to malfunction and cause the electricity to trip:

  • Electrical plug / Power cable malfunction: If the plug is hot, there is probably a loose wire in the plug. Also, with the appliance unplugged and without touching the plug too much, look out for any cracks in the plastic of the plug itself, as the wires may be exposed to water and short circuit. A burnt out wire in the washer dryer could also cause the circuit to overheat and the electricity to trip. If you are using an extension cord, that could also cause the problem. Change the extension and see if the washer dryer works now. If the fault continues, call an electrician. If the electrician confirms that there is no fault with the wiring, it means there is something wrong with the machine and you need to call the appliance engineer.
  • Heating element of the washer dryer:  The sticky residue from detergents and clothes washed and dried in the machine can gather on the heating element, causing it to malfunction. Clean the filter thoroughly and give the machine a maintenance wash, before trying a complete wash dry cycle. It is also possible that either the element of the washer or the dryer has burnt out. You will need an experienced appliance engineer to handle this problem.
  • Overheating of the drum: If the condenser unit, located at the back of the drum, does not work properly, it can cause the drum to overheat and the thermostat to cut out.  Check for any fluff blockages in the fan chamber, but do not attempt to dismantle the machine at all yourself – wait for an appliance engineer to use the correct equipment.
  • Internal water leakage: A water leakage in one of the electricity compartments can also cause a short. This needs to be looked at by an appliance engineer.
  • Problem with the motor: If the electricity is tripping, there could be a problem with the washer dryer motor. Again, call your appliance engineer. 

Please remember:

Appliances should be serviced regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions – found in the product manual. If you have a problem with an appliance, call in a NICEIC or Gas-Safe registered appliance engineer to repair your appliance. Don’t forget that if your appliance is not working optimally, you should also have it serviced to prevent causing damage to the appliance.

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How To Choose The Best Washer Dryer

How To Choose The Best Washer Dryer for you

A washing machine is one of the more expensive and durable appliances you will buy for the house, and given the almost daily requirement of washing clothes, it is crucial that you buy a machine that serves your purpose well.

Washing machine vs. washer dryer

In all likelihood, your decision to buy a washing machine will begin with choosing between buying a washing machine and tumble dryer separately, or buying a washer dryer combined.

Buying a washer dryer is obviously more economical than buying two appliances. In addition, if you have a space or budget constraint, then a washer dryer is definitely the best solution for you. However, you must also consider the following drawbacks of a washer dryer:

  • A washer dryer is more suitable for a household of 1-2 people. Most washer dryers have a 6-7 kg drum and a typical washer dryer cycle lasts 4 hours. In case you have a large family with heavier wash loads, the washer dryer will run several times a day, lead to greater electricity consumption, and increase your overall cost of doing laundry.
  • Because a washer dryer is a dual-function machine, it will not have the same advanced features and performance levels as a separate washing machine and a tumbler dryer. For instance, a standalone tumbler dryer will have a larger drum capacity and will therefore dry clothes a lot faster and with less creases than a washer dryer with a relatively smaller drum.
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Choosing the best washer dryer

Washer dryers are now more technologically advanced and energy efficient than before. If you have decided that a washer dryer is a good fit for your home, then the next step is to select the best model. Compare the various models available within your budget against the following features:

  1. Spin speed: Since the washer dryer has a relatively smaller drum, one way to ensure that the clothes dry faster is by choosing a machine with a higher spin speed (measured as revolutions per minute or rpm). Therefore, a washer dryer with a 1600 rpm will dry your clothes more quickly than one with 1200 rpm.
  2. Guarantee offered: Since a washer dryer works twice as much as a standalone washing machine, there is greater wear and tear on the machine. Compare the various washer dryers for guarantees offered on free of charge replacement of machine parts.
  3. Energy efficiency: Check for the EU energy efficiency ratings displayed on the washer dryer. Most washer dryers are rated between A and F, where A signifies a washer dryer with the most efficient energy consumption. The more efficient the machine, the less it will cost you to run.
  4. Wash programmes: Different washer dryers offer varying number of wash programmes. A model that offers additional features such as quick wash, steam cleaning, and anti-crease wash will cost you more than a basic model that will offer fewer functions.
  5. Additional features: Some washer dryers have an inbuilt sensor drying feature that turns off the machine when the clothes are dry. Another feature is the auto load control that adjusts the water levels to the laundry load.

AEG and Prime are some of the value for money (£450- 550) washer dryer brands. Bosch and HDB have machines in the range of £700- 750, and Miele offers a high-end range in excess of £1000.  Research company Which? has reviewed 88 washer dryers available in the UK. You can access this information by registering with the website.

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Be Amazed at the Quality: Washing Machines Under £200

Washing Machines Under £200

Thinking of buying a new washing machine but can’t exactly afford to splash the cash? Then worry not for these days you’d be amazed at the quality of the technology available in washing machines under £200. And here are our fab four:

Bush A126Q Washing Machine – White (£169.99 Argos)

The Bush A126Q is a simple-to-use washing machine which has a larger drum than is typical for its size. The appliances is fitted with 23 separate programmes including an eco wash and sports cycle, in addition to a rinse, drain and spin option.

In terms of energy efficiency it boasts an A+ rating and the 6kg drum means its large enough for family wash days. There’s a child (or should that be cat) lock on the door. The spin speed is a very respectable 1200rpm which means clothes are only slightly damp when removed.

Beko WMB61431W Washing Machine – White (£199 Next)

With an A+ energy efficiency rating, the Beko WMB61431W has an adjustable temperature and spin speed for all programmes and the 1400rpm spin speed means clothes don’t need much airing to dry afterwards. It has a very useful digital display feature informing users the time left for a programme to run.

A good looking machine with a fair amount of capacity and which won’t wake up the household while its working (in other words it’s fairly quiet), it’s one of our favourite washing machines under £200.

ProAction A105Q Washing Machine – White (£169.99 Argos)

The ProAction A105Q is an A+ energy efficient machine which features a quick wash of just 30 minutes (so perfect for that impromptu party). There is a choice of 15 programmes and a 1200rpm (quiet) spin speed.

There are no complicated operating instructions which mean it’s extremely easy to use. It’s also compact in size so will fit easily into a small kitchen – great for a family with a limited budget.

LOGIK L612WMS13 Washing Machine – Silver (£199.99 Currys)

An attractive machine in contemporary-looking silver, the LOGIK L612WMS13 can take up to 6kg of garments and boasts a spin cycle of 1200rpm. An electronic programme selector means you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one for your fabrics. The screen comes with LED technology making it easy to see in the dark.

There are 16 different wash programmes and a door which opens 180 degrees making it easy to insert and retrieve garments. Handily, the wash programme can be pre-set 24 hours in advance.

Only problem now is – you actually have to choose between one of these fab washing machines under £200.

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