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Top 18 affordable Gas Cookers for £250 or less

Top 18 affordable Gas Cookers for £250 or less

The Gas Cooker: Many people consider them a godsend, thanks largely to their affordable running costs and the fact that they provide instant, easily controllable heat. Gas cookers can also be more attractive than plain old electric cookers, coming in a range of colours and styles to suit different tastes and kitchen designs (although, electric cookers have now started to come in different colours so you can colour-code your kitchen properly).

You can choose between freestanding and built-in gas cookers. Freestanding cookers obviously allow you to place your cooker wherever you want in the kitchen. Built-in cookers are more limited, on the other hand, but they tend to have separate hobs and ovens, so you can customise to a degree.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new gas cooker; there are several affordable gas cooker options that you can choose from for £250 or less. Let’s look at some examples.

  1. Essentials CFSGSV15 50 4-burner hob and single conventional oven. Expect to pay around £180
  2. Logik LFTG60A12 4-burner hob and single conventional oven. Expect to pay around £240
  3. Indesit I5GG(W) 4-burner hob and single conventional oven. Expect to pay between £180 and £230
  4. Flavel FSBG51S 4-burner hob and single conventional oven. Expect to pay around £180
  5. Hotpoint HAG51P 4-burner hob and single conventional oven. Expect to pay around £244
  6. iQ single cavity cooker. Expect to pay around £220
  7. Amica 508GG5W freestanding single cavity. Expect to pay around £240
  8. Gorenje GI52108AW single oven. Expect to pay around £240
  9. Flavel FSBG51W single cavity oven. Expect to pay around £250
  10. Indesit I5GG1S single oven. Expect to pay around £260
  11. Beko BDG581. Expect to pay around £230
  12. Indesit IT50GW. Expect to pay around £230
  13. Beko BDVG592. Expect to pay around £250
  14. Beko BSG580. Expect to pay around £180
  15. Logik LFTG60W12. Expect to pay around £230
  16. Homeking HCG500W. Expect to pay around £200
  17. Bush AG56S single oven. Expect to pay around £200.
  18. Swan SX1031B single oven.Expect to pay around £220.

As you can see, you really are spoilt for choice if you need an affordable gas cooker. If you need a bigger cooker for your large family you can get double ovens for around £250 if you look for special promotions. You can pick up some surprisingly good deals.

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Top 10 Fridge Freezer Best Buys

The Top 10 Fridge Freezer Best Buys

Fridge freezers are becoming ever more sophisticated these days with special features such as thermostatically controlled crisper drawers and the ability to withstand a power cut for more than 24 hours. Many are frost-free too while just about all that made our top 10 boast of excellent temperature control. And indeed, this is our pick of the best fridge freezer best buys:

  • Samsung RB31FERNBSS.

This frost-free fridge freezer is excellent for storage with a sliding shelf and super-quick chill compartment which can be switched to 0 degrees centigrade. Its energy rating is A+++ so is very cost effective to run. Costs from £650.

  • Miele KDN12823S-1.

Another frost-free model with a larger fridge than freezer. Cools and freezes quickly, keeping food fresher for longer. Good at maintaining a steady temperature. A quiet fridge with an A+ energy rating. Costs from £670

  • Siemens KG39EAW40G.

Another great product for chilling and freezing all kinds of food and with a handy humidity-controlled salad crisper drawer. Lots of storage space, including a chiller cabinet for fish and meat. Costs from £560.

  • Neff K8345X0.

Frost-free and can chill very quickly while the manufacturers boast that the freezer can work up to 29 hours after a power shortage. An alarm goes off if either the fridge or freezer doors are left open for too long. Antibacterial coating is sprayed onto the fridge walls. Costs from £1580.

  • Bosch KGE36AW40G.

Has a A+++ energy rating meaning it’ll keep utility bills down and which is impressive considering its large storage capacity. Excellent at both chilling and freezing food. Salad crisper drawer has humidity control switch. Costs from £620.

  • Hotpoint FFUL2023X.

Frost-free and with a A++ energy efficiency rating. Good freezing and chilling, despite fluctuating room temperature. Good food storage layout. Three adjustable door racks for bottles come with handy dividers. Costs from £560.

  • Haier MyZone AFD626TGB.

Very stylish and available in red, black or white gloss. Has three separate compartments, one of which can be used for either a fridge or freezer. Comes with a super-freeze setting. A+ energy efficiency rating. Costs from £640.

  • Smeg FAB32QO.

Can chill fresh food to less than 5 degrees centigrade in just under a day and will retain frozen food for up to 24 hours in the event of a power cut. Comes with an inbuilt wine rack. Available in ten different colours. Costs from £1360.

  • Panasonic NR-B32FW3-WB.

This frost-free item has a vitamin safe drawer that the manufacturer’s claim keeps food fresher for longer. Good in terms of a consistent temperature. Great for bulk buying or cooking and freezing big batches of food. Costs from £700.

  • Bosch KGV33NW20G.

Temperature stability is excellent. Has a fast-free area and plenty of freezer space considering its size. Comes with a bottle rack and adjustable shelves. Humidity control for crisper drawer. Costs from £360.

Do you agree with our judgement? We’d be interested to hear from your experience of owning one of the above fridge freezers.

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Top 10 Fridge Freezers Under £200

The Top 10 Fridge Freezers Under £200

If you have a limited budget and feel that you really need more fridge and freezer space, then you’re probably expecting to have to do an awful lot of research. But don’t despair – we’ve already done a lot of that for you to the extent that we’ve listed here the best value fridge freezers we could find for under £200.

When you come to look yourself though, do shop around very carefully as you’ll be able to find great deals and it’s always worth keeping your eye on your favourite products as you never know when a bargain will present itself.

Our picks

  1. The Hotpoint RTAA42P comes in at just under £200. The fridge holds 180 litres, while the freezer has 40 litres of space – so that should be enough space for a family’s needs. The product has an A energy rating so it’s pretty efficient.
  2. The LEC T5039W is a similar price to the Hotpoint and it has 90 litres of fridge space. The freezer has three glass-fronted drawers. This product has an A+ energy rating, which means your fuel bills will hold nothing to fear.
  3. The LEC T50082W under counter fridge freezer is brilliant for space saving. There are two safety glass shelves in the fridge, as well as a salad drawer, and there are 27 litres of space in the freezer. Like its T5039W cousin, this product is rated A+ for energy and is around the £180 price mark.
  4. The Beko CT538IAPW has impressive storage capacity – 140 litres in the fridge and 77 litres in the freezer. This product also benefits from anti-bacterial door seals, giving you the additional reassurance of food safety and hygiene.
  5. Another great and reasonably priced LEC product is its TS48112W model. Priced at roughly £185, the fridge holds 77 litres, while the freezer can take 35 litres. Should you lose power, the freezer will keep products frozen for up to 10 hours.
  6. The Indesit RAA24 fridge freezer is proof that looks can be deceiving. This fridge freezer looks small, but it can hold an impressive 222 litres of chilled and frozen foods. It retails for just under £200 and the door is reversible, making it extremely versatile for your kitchen.
  7. The Bush BSFF55136 fridge freezer retails at around the £180 mark. It is 55cm wide and it has varied storage options for all of your food and drink.
  8. The sleekly designed Russell Hobbs RHUCFF48B fridge freezer will look good in most kitchens. It has an A+ energy rating and a reversible door. Another feature is its quick chill compartment, allowing you to cool foods quickly and safely.
  9. The Haier BD103GAA is a real bargain, retailing from between £130 to £180. The capacity is 106 litres in total and is 57cm wide by 84.5cm tall.
  10. The Logik LUC50S12 is another bargain, retailing from £130. It is approximately 50cm by 84cm and great for those who don’t seek too much fridge and freezer space.
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How To Choose A Hi-Fi System Under £50

How To Choose A Hi-Fi System Under £50

Strapped for cash and devoid of sounds? Well you won’t be for long. Not if you purchase one of the following smart Hi fi systems – all of which come in under £50:

  • Karcher MC 6510-S. Has audio ports for plugging in remote devices and for headphones. Comes with CD and radio function (AM/FM tuners). Costs around £36.
  • TM-099K MP3 Micro HiFi System. Has an FM RDS tuner with 30 presets, a USB 2.0 port and SD/MMC slot. Can hook up to portable media and has headphones jack for speakers. Costs around £37.
  • iTek I60006 Silver CD Radio Micro-System. Has a top loading CD player/CD-R/CD-RW player and AM/FM stereo radio along with 20 track programming. An LCD display and single alarm function are also built in. Comes with remote control. Costs around £37.
  • LOGIK LCDHF512 Mini Hi-Fi System. Comes with two mini speakers (which can be connected to an MP3 player), an LED display and remote control device.  Costs around £39.
  • Akai A60006 Micro Hi-Fi System. Micro CD and radio with alarm and LCD display. Comes with LCD display, 20 track programmable memory and remote control. Costs around £39.
  • TOKAI TM-101PE CD/MP3 Micro HiFi System. The system supports CD, CD-R/-RW and MP3 formats. Has an FM tuner with 20 station programmable memory. The USB 2.0 port hooks to portable media. Has an alarm clock with sleep and snooze settings. Costs around £40.
  • Polaroid CM1101W. This micro system contains a CD, radio (FM) and Bluetooth player with headphone sockets. Also has smart LCD display. Costs around £40.
  • Denver MC-5000 CD Player Micro System Wall Mount AUX. Free standing micro hifi system which can also be wall mounted. Has built in radio, CD player and option to connect an MP3 or CD player. Has radio/CD alarm and two way speakers. Costs around £48.
  • IWANTIT IHFUSBN13 Wireless Docking System. Connects between the iPhone, iPad and other compatible devices. Near Field Communication (NFC) means similar devices will hook up automatically for instant sounds. Can also play CDs and listen to radio and has 10 W power. Costs around £49.
  • LOGIK LHFIP2112 Micro Hi-Fi System. A built-in iPod dock, CD player and FM radio, this system comes with 10 W power, sleek-looking speakers and a slimline remote control. Costs around £49.
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Top 10 Microwaves Under £70

The Top 10 Microwaves Under £70

Do you have a limited budget at your disposal? Or perhaps you’re looking for a microwave for your work place so understandably are a bit reluctant to splash out a whole lot of money at once?

Well, you’ll be glad to hear you can still get hold of a good quality microwave for under under £70 and many with some pretty impressive features such as a weighting option, child safety lock and auto defrost options. Here’s some of our pick of the best:

  1. The Morphy Richards P80D2OP Manual Solo oven retails for roughly £50 and has a smart, sleek finish, as well as five programmes.
  2. Still with Morphy Richards, the EG820CFD 20L microwave also incorporates a grill and has a speed defrost setting. It retails for around £64.
  3. The Cookworks 20L touch control microwave has five power levels and an output of 800W. You can buy it for around £49
  4. If you want a slighter smaller microwave, the Cookworks 17L comes in silver and has a 700w output. This smaller version costs roughly £46.
  5. The De’Longhi AM823AZH microwave comes in stylish stainless steel and has many great features, such as eight programmes and easi-tronic control. It is stylish, easy to clean and it costs just under £70.
  6. Why not opt for a microwave which matches your décor? The ColourMatch 17L manual microwave can be purchased in poppy red, as well as green, black and white. It comes with five programmes and is has 700W power. This microwave costs around £55.
  7. The Sharp R6625LM 20L microwave costs approximately £70 and comes with a 100W power grill, as well as 11 programmes and a child safety lock.
  8. The Logik L20MS10 solo microwave sells for about £55 and is efficient and reliable. It includes a handy auto-defrost option.
  9. The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ solo microwave comes in black or white. It has a wipe clean interior, nine programmes and a weight option you can use to accurately judge how long to cook foods for. It costs just under £70.
  10. Finally, there is the Sharp R272WM microwave. With its easy to use controls, kitchen timer and clock, this product would make a handy addition to any kitchen. It sells for around £60.

Have you found a better microwave for under £70? If so we’d love to hear about it so we can include it in our list.

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Be Amazed at the Quality: Washing Machines Under £200

Washing Machines Under £200

Thinking of buying a new washing machine but can’t exactly afford to splash the cash? Then worry not for these days you’d be amazed at the quality of the technology available in washing machines under £200. And here are our fab four:

Bush A126Q Washing Machine – White (£169.99 Argos)

The Bush A126Q is a simple-to-use washing machine which has a larger drum than is typical for its size. The appliances is fitted with 23 separate programmes including an eco wash and sports cycle, in addition to a rinse, drain and spin option.

In terms of energy efficiency it boasts an A+ rating and the 6kg drum means its large enough for family wash days. There’s a child (or should that be cat) lock on the door. The spin speed is a very respectable 1200rpm which means clothes are only slightly damp when removed.

Beko WMB61431W Washing Machine – White (£199 Next)

With an A+ energy efficiency rating, the Beko WMB61431W has an adjustable temperature and spin speed for all programmes and the 1400rpm spin speed means clothes don’t need much airing to dry afterwards. It has a very useful digital display feature informing users the time left for a programme to run.

A good looking machine with a fair amount of capacity and which won’t wake up the household while its working (in other words it’s fairly quiet), it’s one of our favourite washing machines under £200.

ProAction A105Q Washing Machine – White (£169.99 Argos)

The ProAction A105Q is an A+ energy efficient machine which features a quick wash of just 30 minutes (so perfect for that impromptu party). There is a choice of 15 programmes and a 1200rpm (quiet) spin speed.

There are no complicated operating instructions which mean it’s extremely easy to use. It’s also compact in size so will fit easily into a small kitchen – great for a family with a limited budget.

LOGIK L612WMS13 Washing Machine – Silver (£199.99 Currys)

An attractive machine in contemporary-looking silver, the LOGIK L612WMS13 can take up to 6kg of garments and boasts a spin cycle of 1200rpm. An electronic programme selector means you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one for your fabrics. The screen comes with LED technology making it easy to see in the dark.

There are 16 different wash programmes and a door which opens 180 degrees making it easy to insert and retrieve garments. Handily, the wash programme can be pre-set 24 hours in advance.

Only problem now is – you actually have to choose between one of these fab washing machines under £200.

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What are the Best Dishwashers Under £250?

What are the Best Dishwashers Availible Under £250?

These days you can spend as much as £1726.99 on a dishwasher (Miele’s G5935SCi XXL) or as little as £179.97 (Candy’s CFD612). They’ll all do pretty much the same job ie get your dishes and cutlery clean – such is the high standard in technology around.

Price differences come in terms of size, whether or not the appliance is integrated and how you want your dishes to be dried. The most costly the dishwasher, the more eco-friendly it is and the less you can expect to pay on your utility bills.

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