Washing Machines Under £200

Thinking of buying a new washing machine but can’t exactly afford to splash the cash? Then worry not for these days you’d be amazed at the quality of the technology available in washing machines under £200. And here are our fab four:

Bush A126Q Washing Machine – White (£169.99 Argos)

The Bush A126Q is a simple-to-use washing machine which has a larger drum than is typical for its size. The appliances is fitted with 23 separate programmes including an eco wash and sports cycle, in addition to a rinse, drain and spin option.

In terms of energy efficiency it boasts an A+ rating and the 6kg drum means its large enough for family wash days. There’s a child (or should that be cat) lock on the door. The spin speed is a very respectable 1200rpm which means clothes are only slightly damp when removed.

Beko WMB61431W Washing Machine – White (£199 Next)

With an A+ energy efficiency rating, the Beko WMB61431W has an adjustable temperature and spin speed for all programmes and the 1400rpm spin speed means clothes don’t need much airing to dry afterwards. It has a very useful digital display feature informing users the time left for a programme to run.

A good looking machine with a fair amount of capacity and which won’t wake up the household while its working (in other words it’s fairly quiet), it’s one of our favourite washing machines under £200.

ProAction A105Q Washing Machine – White (£169.99 Argos)

The ProAction A105Q is an A+ energy efficient machine which features a quick wash of just 30 minutes (so perfect for that impromptu party). There is a choice of 15 programmes and a 1200rpm (quiet) spin speed.

There are no complicated operating instructions which mean it’s extremely easy to use. It’s also compact in size so will fit easily into a small kitchen – great for a family with a limited budget.

LOGIK L612WMS13 Washing Machine – Silver (£199.99 Currys)

An attractive machine in contemporary-looking silver, the LOGIK L612WMS13 can take up to 6kg of garments and boasts a spin cycle of 1200rpm. An electronic programme selector means you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one for your fabrics. The screen comes with LED technology making it easy to see in the dark.

There are 16 different wash programmes and a door which opens 180 degrees making it easy to insert and retrieve garments. Handily, the wash programme can be pre-set 24 hours in advance.

Only problem now is – you actually have to choose between one of these fab washing machines under £200.

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