Washing Machine Error Codes – What Do They Mean?

The washing machine is one of the most used domestic appliances in any home. However, it may develop an internal problem at any time and display an error code. The error code indicates a technical fault, and to prevent any further damage the washing machine will either fail to start or abort the wash cycle.

There are possibly thousands of washing machine error codes, with the error code for the same technical fault differing across the numerous washing machine brands. Below are some examples of washing machine error codes *:


  • DE error – This means that the door is open. The washing machine door latch may need replacing.
  • Error code 5E – This is a water drain error. There could be a problem with the pump filter or the pressure system.


  • Error code E 35 – The machine has detected an overfilling problem. This could be due to a faulty valve, a problem with the pressure switch or defective wiring.


  • Error Code F05 – The machine does not begin the spin cycle because it detects water in the drum, even though the water has been drained. The pressure switch may be jammed or there is a faulty connection.
  • Error code F08 – This means that the heater relay can’t be activated.
  • Error code F10 – This indicates a problem with the pressure switch


  • Error code FP – This error means drain failure. Either there is still water in the machine, or the machine is receiving the wrong signal that there is.

Some washing machine companies share limited error code information to ensure that only authorised service engineers carry out the washing machine repairs and maintenance. Therefore, depending on the washing machine brand you own, you may find detailed or limited information on error codes.

In the absence of technical information on washing machine error codes, independent engineers will struggle to repair the washing machine. What this means is that you may actually pay more for the repair and maintenance of your washing machine than you would have, had it been serviced by your local appliance technician.

This aspect becomes significant when you consider that a washing machine lasts at least 10 years, and will require regular maintenance checks and three to four repair jobs. So, if you are in the market for a new washing machine then besides comparing the various models on technical features, it is advisable to also evaluate which washing machine brand is easily repairable.

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* Please check your product manual, or contact the company customer service for an accurate explanation of the washing machine error codes.