The Top Washer Dryers with Child Locks

Child locks in dryers have two purposes really – they lock the door of the machine which prevents any child climbing into the drum and accidentally locking themselves in when the machine is out of action. The second purpose is to stop a little one – or anyone else for that matter – changing the dials when the machine is in full flow on a spin cycle.

In terms of a child’s safety then, and the long-term workings of your washing machine, a child lock can be pretty crucial. As a result most washer dryer manufacturers these days are beginning to supply them in machines as standard (certainly, with the likes of Mumsnet having such a huge influence and extended media reach these days, it’s not really surprising).

The only difficulty with child locks in washer dryers it seems is being able to switch them off (if you’ve lost the manual and have nothing to refer to). Also, in some cases the lock jams due to a fault (like electronic windows in cars it can seem as if it’s just something else to go wrong!). Often though, it’s simply a case of holding in the start button for five seconds or so in order to release the lock.

Here is our choice of top washer dryers with child locks.

  1. Bosch WVD24460GB. This has an automatic display that shows when the child lock is active by flashing up a key on the LCD panel.
  2. Samsung WD806U4SAGD 8kg Ecobubble. A child lock is available but optional.
  3. Beko WDA91440W. This instantly locks all the buttons on the machine meaning the programme can’t be altered by enquiring little fingers.
  4. EVO 14104LW Grand’O Evo. This washer dryer from the Candy staple has an effective child lock built in.
  5. Servis HydroDrive. All HydroDrive machines have an incorporated child safety lock as standard.
  6. Electrolux EWW1486HDW. Another washer dryer with child lock built in as standard.
  7. LG F1480RD. Like the above machines, the LG child lock stops children and others altering the current spin cycle of the machine.
  8. Hotpoint WDPG8640G. Another effective child lock, although this is one of the machines where we read individuals had difficulty with switching the lock off.
  9. NEFF  V7446X0GB. A child lock which does exactly what it says on the tin.
  10. Daewoo DWCLD1421. Another impressive function which stops small hands prying.

Admittedly a child lock on a washer dryer is another facet that can go wrong and may need repairing but a child being able to press buttons and change the machine’s programme half way through an on-going cycle would probably lead to far more damage to the machine, not to mention a hefty repair bill. Because of this, we would definitely recommend a child lock facility when you select a washer dryer for your home.

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