The Top 5 Mini Bar Fridges

While mini bar fridges might bring back memories of university dorms, they are actually really great mini storage options for the home or workplace, even if they come with a few caveats.

For example, most bar fridges use more energy in proportion to large fridges – so think about getting the largest one for your needs and space available. You’ll also want to avoid wire racks as they are more difficult to clean. Finally, think carefully about freezer space before you buy. Most mini fridges are fridge only and while there are a few that offer a small freezing space for ice trays, this space can be awkward to use. If you are looking to store frozen products, consider a two drawer mini fridge or a separate mini freezer instead, as this will help your goods to freeze quicker and with less energy loss.

We took a long hard look at the most popular and best mini bar fridges and here are our favourites:

5. Russell Hobbs 45 Litre Black Fridge

For under a £100, this stylish and great value for money bar fridge is at home anywhere thanks to its sharp black lines. This fridge is quiet and has a 45 litre storage capacity, as well as a mini freezer section. Low energy consumption and high value, this is a great buy and well worth every penny.

4. Tefcold TM30G Mini Bar Fridge

Whether you are looking for a mini fridge for your home, office or commercial premises the Tefcold is a great value-for-money fridge. While it might not automatically stand out from other mini fridges, it has plenty of storage options and great energy consumption, which is enough to make it a worthwhile option.

3. Husky Guinness 48 Litre Fridge

Husky has a wide range of branded mini bar fridges which makes them perfect beer fridges. Small but able to stack a decent number of cans or bottles, these fridges have a low price tag even if the energy rating is a little weak. For those who want a retro design take a look at the Coca-Cola branded option.

2. Samsung RW33EDSS

While this is more of a wine rack than a mini bar fridge, its design and functionality earns its place on this list. With space for 33 bottles and an easily adjustable temperature setting, as well as impressive lighting options inside, this mini bar fridge is a great way to show off your great taste in wine.

1. Smeg FAB5

Smeg has a reputation for quality (if pricey) products and the FAB5 is no exception. While it is rather expensive when compared to most other mini bar fridges, its unique retro design makes this fridge stand out amongst the competition. Whether you opt for the simple yet classy black or white options or the statement-making Union Flag option, this mini fridge will attract attention where ever it is. Completely silent with a 40l capacity, freezer space and configurable storage options, this is without a doubt the coolest mini fridge on the market!

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