The Top 5 Condenser Tumble Dryers

You wouldn’t think that moving with a tumble dryer can be stressful until you find that your new house or flat doesn’t have the proper ventilation systems. If you try use your tumble dryer without proper ventilation you could end up with a rather damp and humid room. This is especially true if you have an old dryer. In this event you have two options: revamp the ventilation system at considerable cost, or go out and buy a new condenser tumble dryer.

Condenser dryers avoid the hot, humid air problem by cooling the air before it is expelled via a heat exchanger, and collect the water in a tank or just drains it away through piping. While the air around the machine is warm, it isn’t humid anymore.

We take a look at the top 5 condenser tumble dryers currently on the market:

1) Beko DCU7230 Tumble Dryer

Thanks to a handy sensor, this dryer will automatically stop when your clothes are dry and give you a friendly beep to let you know that it’s done.  It has a range of stored programmes, as well as a handy inside light to help you hunt for lost socks. It’s stunning, stylish and definitely a winner!

2) Indesit IDC85 Tumble Dryer

You won’t go wrong with this amazing value-for-money dryer! With a smart door that allows for easy access, this dryer is designed to be simple and straightforward. While it can be a little noisy at times, it is still a great buy.

3) Beko DPU8360 Tumble Dryer

Like the DCU7230, this dryer will sense the dryness/wetness of your load and adjust the time accordingly.  While it is on the more expensive side, it will more than make up for it thanks to its A+++ energy rating.

4) Miele Softtronic T 8402 C Tumble Dryer

If you are looking for a quick, quiet and easy-to-use condenser dryer, then this is definitely the one you’ll be looking at. The price might scare some people away, but when all is said and done, it is definitely worth it!

5) Bosch WTE84301GB Tumble Dryer

As anybody with a Bosch already knows, these are great, well-built machines.  Quick-drying and low on noise, this dryer packs value into its price.