The Top 10 Fastest Induction Hobs on the Market

From 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. It sounds like an advert for a car doesn’t it? But it’s actually the start-up speed for some of the fastest induction hobs on the market. There are quite a few super speedy models around.

A fast induction hob actually offers you both control and precision when it comes to cooking. The speed at an induction hob heats up is critical for amateur and professional cooks. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 fastest induction hobs available.

10 Fastest induction hobs

  1. The Berner BWM3 mini counter-top induction hob heats up incredibly quickly and  gives off almost no heat. Thanks to its power and speed you can expect to reduce cooking time by about 70%. It comes in at about £1,600.
  2. The Whirlpool Acm847ba Touch Control 60cm induction hob is a Which Best Buy product and comes in at roughly £400.
  3. If space is limited and you are looking for a really efficient way to cook, then the Induction Fast Heat Up Multi Cooker or Andrew James Digital Electric Induction Hob (2000 Watt) are ideal. Retailing for about £50 and £30 respectively, they are the perfect solution for students or people living in bedsits as they take up very little space.
  4. The Stoves SEW600iRX electric hob induction is 60 cm wide and has four different sized induction zones. For peace of mind, there is also a child safety lock – which is good news as this induction hob heats up very quickly. This product costs around £520.
  5. The Indesit VIX644 CE induction hob in black costs roughly £270. Thanks to intelligent pan recognition, it only heats the base of your pan, minimising energy loss and it will heat up to your chosen cooking temperature in seconds.
  6. The Bosch PIA611B68B 600mm induction hob 4 zone touch control has 17-stage power settings for each zone, as well as the added advantage of a power boost setting for instant heat. It is also easy to clean and it will set you back about £350.
  7. The Burco Twin Counter Top induction hob guarantees faster cooking times and low energy consumption. It also has a timer and it can heat up to 220 degrees C. This product costs about £315.
  8. If you are also looking for an oven, the Rangemaster Excel 110 electric induction range cooker in stainless steel is a smart addition to any kitchen. Its induction hob with its five zones is incredibly responsive and the product also features a main and a second oven. This oven costs in the region of £2,500.
  9. A cheaper option is the Belling FSE60DOI  60cm induction cooker with double oven, which is on the market for just under £670.
  10. The Samsung CTN464NC01 induction hob has four zones and features the latest in induction technology. Retailing at just under £500, it also boasts the temperature control of a gas hob.

It’s worth noting that induction hobs require specific pans to function.

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