Simple Tips to Safely Clean your Hob

The hob is often a place you prepare food every day, so it’s an essential place in your home to keep clean. The best way to ensure that the hob & cooker area is hygienic is to wipe after each use when any food residue or stains are still fresh.

Despite doing this, it’s still possible for a layer of oil and grime to settle on your hob. Depending on which type of cooker you have, using the right cleaning agents and tools can help you remove this stubborn material with relative ease.

Hob cleaning products and tools

You will find a wide range of cleaning products in the supermarkets specifically for the kitchen. For ease of use look for products that come in spray bottles. Alternatively, instead of using cleaning liquids with strong chemicals, you can try using some of the more natural hob cleaning products that are better for your health, as well as for the environment.

In addition, before you clean the hob, it would be helpful to have the following cleaning tools on hand:

  • Rubber gloves to protect your skin
  • A blunt blade or plastic scraper available at hardware stores, to remove the softened food residue ( after using the stain remover)
  • A scrubbing brush with a medium bristle
  • A microfiber cloth to clean the hob and give it a good smear-free shine

Cleaning the hob

Hob cleaning techniques differ depending on whether you have a gas, ceramic, enamel or a combination cooker.

  • Enamel hobs are relatively easy to maintain as they can take some forceful cleaning. Use a blunt blade to remove the stains, while being careful not to scrape the curved surface of the hob.
  • Ceramic and induction hobs are more prone to scratches and therefore need to be tackled carefully. Use a plastic scrapper to remove the grunge. In case of the ceramic hob, prevention really is the best cure. Wipe off any spills as soon as they happen.
  • The majority of the gas hobs have an aluminium base. Soak the base and burner lids in soapy warm water for a while. Clean the base with a scouring pad to remove the grime. Enamel burner lids can also be cleaned the same way.
  • A stainless steel hob should be cleaned rather gently. Clean the hob using a microfibre cloth and a mild bicarbonate of soda solution. To maintain your cooker, never leave any food residue on the hob as it can easily create permanent stains on the stainless steel surface.
  • Cleaning a hob with cast iron racks can be cumbersome. Wash the racks in a warm soapy water solution in a dipping tray. Use soda crystals and a wire wool to scrub clean the racks. Avoid washing them in the dishwasher as the salty dishwater can cause them to rust.

Whenever you clean your hob, follow basic safety tips.  If you are cleaning the hobs with a chemical based cleaner, then keep kitchen windows open for ventilation. Also, wear gloves and goggles for protecting your hands and eyes.

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