Smeg Warranty Information

Based in Oxfordshire and forming a UK basis in the late 80ies, Smeg has over 750 products to supply the UK and Ireland with top quality Italian-inspired appliances. Their products include many types of cookers, fridges and washing machines. You can choose to visit their showroom to get a more intimate idea of their product offering.

Do I get a Smeg warranty with my new appliance?

All UK Smeg appliances are supplied with a manufacturer 2-year guarantee with the exception of a number of extended promotional warranties listed here.

You should register your appliance to activate this free guarantee as soon as possible after purchasing it. Register it by following this link. If you purchased a Smeg appliance in the last 90 days, you can also register for an extended warranty.

If you would like to book a repair or download a user manual, visit their customer service page here.

Is your Smeg appliance is out of warranty?

It is quick to extend the warranty on your Smeg appliance and many of your other appliances with us, and so protect the things that matter in your everyday life. Choose to extend the warranty on just one Smeg appliance or many appliances from different brands, on one policy – as long as they are younger than 8 years at the start of the policy and have no preexisting faults. Get a quote now for more information.

If you have an extended warranty with Surewise, simply have your claim approved by calling  01268 200 020, and we’ll arrange for an engineer to be sent out as soon as possible and convenient for you.

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(Research & information correct at May 2019)