Siemens Warranty Information

Your Standard Siemens Warranty

Siemens UK offers a two year guarantee on all its product with a further 3 years for a few selected models. There is also a 10 year anti-rust drum guarantee offered on its dishwashers. Register your Siemens Warranty or find information on exclusions by calling 0800 519 2116  or following one of the links below:

Extending your Siemens Warranty

The quickest and easiest way to extend the guarantee on your Siemens product is to do so online with us. It takes just minutes and you can extend the warranties on several of your appliances with just one policy. We extend warranties on appliances that are older 8 years as long as there are no preexisting faults and they were under 8 years old at the start of the policy. You can choose between several levels of cover, as well as between a single-item and multi-item policy.

One of our top benefits is that arranges for repairs and call-outs on your behalf. We take care to ensure that repairs are carried out as quickly as possible, and at a time that is convenient for you.

Repairing your Siemens Product

Under warranty with Siemens: You can book an engineer online. Find full details of reporting a fault on the online booking form.

Under extended warranty with us: Simply have your claim approved by calling us on 020 8606 0045 [Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm] and if everything is in order we’ll arrange a call out as soon as possible and convenient for you.

Why Siemens?

According to Siemens they have been highly innovative since the 1850s and they offer the “perfect balance between eye-catching design and innovative technology”, allowing you to choose appliances to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

(Research & information correct in last update May 2019)