Where to Find Siemens Serial Numbers on Appliances

Serial numbers are included on every household appliance so that you know the series and model of the appliance you own in order to ensure you can order the correct parts or tools if a repair is needed.

As the location of the serial number can differ for each appliance, we’ve provided a useful guide for you in this article.

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Here is some general information on where to find the model and serial number on different Siemens appliances:

Look for the solid black arrow on the images below for the rating/data plates containing the numbers. Scroll down to find your type of appliance.


Check the top or side of the door of your dishwasher to find the serial number.


Depending on what model fridge freezer you have, your serial number can be located in various places. Below are the 6 areas you’ll be able to find your serial number, including behind the salad crisper, in the freezer door, or the side of the fridge.


The serial number for your Siemens appliance can be in a number of places, look where the arrows point in the diagram below:

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