Indesit Warranty Information

Length & details of an Indesit Warranty

As is standard practice for many appliance companies, your Indesit warranty lasts 1 year on average. You can check your appliance manual if you’re unsure of the length of your warranty.  Register your appliance online to ensure your manufacturer guarantee remains in place for mechanical breakdowns. You can register your appliance here.

If you are unsure about the details of your Indesit warranty, call 0800 013 0171 (365 days/year).

Repairing an Indesit Appliance

If your appliance develops a fault, you can first check the manual to see if it is not perhaps something as simple as an incorrect setting. You can download the relevant manual from this page.

If your appliance is still under warranty, call Indesit on 0800 013 0171 or on 08448 225 225 if you require a spare part. They will arrange for a repair engineer to look at your product.

You should arrange for an extended warranty before your standard manufacturer’s warranty expires. You choose choose to extend the warranty on your Indesit appliance for up to 7 additional years as long as there is no pre-existing fault with our competitive policies.

Making a claim is also easy with us and we have qualified engineers available to make speedy repairs. The first step is to call 020 8606 0045 for a claim assessment. Upon approval, we will arrange for a technician to come to your home to carry out repairs.

About Indesit

Indesit is an Italian home appliance company founded in the seventies. Its products are widely available in the UK and it has a UK-based support branch in Peterborough.

(Research & information correct at January 2014)