Hitachi Warranty Information

Standard length of Hitachi Warranty

If you’ve recently purchased a Hitachi product, you benefit from a year’s guarantee. For warranty information on specific products and exclusions, visit this page.

After purchasing your product, your should register your Hitachi warranty here. Upon completing the online registration, ensure you have the warranty card and serial number near at hand. If you don’t know where to look for the serial number, find detailed directions per product on this page.

Report a Hitachi product fault

You will need to report your fault with the UK store where you bought your Hitachi product, be it Curry’s, Argo or somewhere else. The Hitachi website allows you to filter per country and product and then select the store where you purchased your product to give you the correct customer service details. Visit this page and select the relevant options.

Extend a Hitachi Warranty

It is quick and easy to extend the warranty of your Hitachi product, and many of your other household appliances and gadgets, right here. We can extend warranties for up to 7 additional years as long as the warranty is NOT taken out for a preexisting fault. Choose to cover just one electrical good or many goods on one policy. Quote now for excellent service.

About Hitachi

Listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and a Fortunate 500 company (2012 ranking), Hitachi is a versatile company with 11 business segments including Digital Media and Consumer products. UK residents can purchase their televisions and home electrics at local stores such as Curry’s.

(Research & information correct at January 2014)