Bluray player vs. PS4 – Which is Right for You?

If you’re a gamer and you also watch a lot of Blu-rays should you combine both and go for the Sony Playstation 4? Or should you just stick with a dedicated Blu-ray player? Tech manufacturers such as Microsoft and Panasonic seem to side with Sony since most of them have added the Blu-ray option to their next generation gamers. However, we weren’t entirely convinced and put forward the ‘digital age old’ question of whether it’s best to have a multi-functional or single-function system by reviewing both the Blu-ray player and the PS4. This is what we found:

PS4 Advantages

  • There are many advantages to the PS4. Of course, not only can you play games but stream live videos and play blu-ray discs. And the blu-ray disc quality is excellent on it. However, it does take a few extra minutes (up to five in some cases) for the PS4 to load up the blu-ray disc format, which can be annoying for some users.
  • The PS4 is an attractive model with its matte black plastic and tilted edges. The power supply is part of the appliance so there’s no need to look for someone to plug it in.
  • There’s an option for background music and the menus are easy to follow.
  • The audio quality and picture resolution is good with the PS4 for 24p films.
  • Also has Wi-fi internet, plays MP3s and has a slideshow option for photos.

PS4 Disadvantages

  • The PS4 is a lot more expensive to buy than a blu-ray player – quite a lot more expensive so would put it out of the price range of many individuals.
  • The glass panel on the PS4 is black and smart looking but it’s also liable to get scratched easily so could look used pretty quickly.
  • Videos and certain films (such as those from foreign sources) have reduced vertical resolution compared to a standalone Blu-ray player, especially when it comes to playing PAL DVDs. Also the PS4 has no 3D blu-ray playback function.
  • PS4 has a tendency to get quite hot when used for long periods.

Blu-ray Advantages

  • Best device for those who watch mostly movies rather than play games since the picture quality is excellent.
  • You can still stream videos as many models have Wi Fi and access to many streaming services
  • Players have a huge storage capacity (from 50 GB up to 200 GB) but the average disc can only store up to five hours of TV.
  • Some Blu-ray players are ‘backwards compatible’ ie users are able to read CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, as well as play them.
  • All the main tech manufacturers approve. Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Dell and Apple have all given their backing to Blu-ray.

Blu-ray Disadvantages

  • Blu-ray players and the discs themselves are still regarded as too expensive for the mass market.
  • Not that many movies support Blu-ray.
  • There’s competition from the HD-DVD market which could potentially make Blu-ray obsolete.
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