16 of the Best Dishwashers

Compiling a list of the best dishwashers isn’t an easy exercise since we all measure the quality of appliances on a wide range of different attributes. For instance, some people will judge a quiet machine as more important than the number of programmes a dishwasher has, while others will put eco-efficiency at the top of their list of priorities. Still others consider the most important feature to be how well the dishwasher, you know, washes dishes.

Anyone in the market for a new dishwasher will also be limited by budget, and how much room they actually have to accommodate a large appliance. Some dishwashers are physically bigger than others, but a smaller machine may make better use of the space within. A carefully laid out inner space will make your dishwasher easier to load – and more efficient at getting your dishes clean.

It’s also important for the dishwasher to be user-friendly. The whole point is convenience after all, and if you have to spend as much time figuring out the correct settings for the dishwasher as you would have spent hand washing your dishes, well, then it’s not exactly a sound investment.

What we’ve done here is tried to compare and contrast the different features we ourselves value – such as low decibel count, eco-saving programmes and ease of use. We’ve come up with a list of the dishwashers we consider to be the cream of the crop. Your opinion however, may very well differ…

16 best dishwashers

  1. Beko DSFN6839W (around £350).

Easy to use, quiet and with a separate top basket for knives.

  1. Bosch SMS53A12GB (around £440).

Quiet, easy to use and very effective eco wash.

  1. Beko DSFN1530 (around £260).

Easy to clean filters, childproof controls on inside of machine, quiet.

  1. Miele G5620SCclst (around £1200).

Moveable racks, very efficient quick cycle, quiet and excellent cleaning performance. Very expensive, but it is Miele.

  1. Baumatic BDF465SL / W (around £250).

Very stylish and efficient, slim, has a very good one-hour quick wash.

  1. LG D1454 (around £590).

Easy access sliding cutlery tray, energy saving ‘off’ switch, stylish and quiet.

  1. Bosch SMS65E22GB (around £540).

Quiet, easy to load, good performance and choice of wash cycles.

  1. CDA WC370 (around £380).

Large choice of programmes, roomy, impressive short cycles available.

  1. Whirlpool 6th Sense PowerDry ADP900IX (around £600)

Sadly, the ‘6th sense’ in the title does not mean it has the ability to see dead dishwashers. It does, however, have a self-cleaning filter, which saves the owner a lot of time and effort. It also has a feature known as ‘PowerClean’, whereby water is sprayed through 28 high-power jets at the rear of the dishwasher. This is a particularly effective weapon against grimy pots and pans.

  1. Zanussi ZDS2010 (around £310).

Good for small kitchens, easy to use, quiet to run.

  1. AEG F99009W0P / M0P (around £600).

Very quiet, easy to load, ‘extra silent’ programme of 37 decibels.

  1. Miele G4920SC (around £600)

Energy-efficient, user-friendly and extremely good at cleaning dishes, which at the end of the day is what you buy it for. A bit on the noisy side though.

  1. Samsung DW60H9970FS (around £700)

The price tag is intimidating, but it’s justified. You expect quality craftsmanship from a Samsung product and this dishwasher delivers with premium class cleaning and drying facilities.

  1. Hotpoint FDEB10010P (around £260)

Easy to install, energy-efficient and with 13 place setting capacity that makes it well-suited to cleaning up after family meals.

  1. LG D1484CF (around £600)

As well as a spacious interior that makes it easy to load, this model boasts a highly effective ‘steam mode’ which blasts the dirt off your dishes using high-pressure steam. It also has an eco-mode which, as the name suggests, minimises its use of water and electricity.

  1. White Knight DW0945WA (around £180)

If you’re trying to cram a dishwasher into a very narrow space, this may be the ideal model. With a width of only 45cm, it saves space in the kitchen but still has capacity for 9 place settings, which will be enough for most family occasions. Like many of the other options listed here, it’s also energy-efficient.

The above are what we judge to be the best dishwashers around at this moment in time. However, the technology changes so rapidly today, with major improvements on an annual basis, so no doubt our list will look very different this time next year. And with the “Internet of Things” being a trending topic at the moment, who knows? Your next dishwasher may even be internet compatible.